Overwater dining with a definitive seafood background. Scallops, lobster and the luxury of caviar. Motivated by the sea scene underneath the cozy dim wood structure and outdoors deck. A private dining inlet with an open kitchen and fine wines. A sommelier brings parity, impeccable flavors and environment to the table.


Overwater feasting reaching out over the sea. A much needed refresher with a high-ceilinged nectar toned wooden structure, open to the shoreline past. Chic beachside feasting where the white sand floor and deck stream smoothly and exquisitely out to meet the characteristic surroundings. Breakfast, lunch and supper served in luxury however laid-back style with fine International flavors.


Creative. Interesting. Loose parlor chic. Overwater feasting with a solid menu of crude food with an Eastern impact. An invigorating juice bar in the day, with a definitive mellowed out bar and parlor over the reef for close dusk mixed drinks and after supper drinks. Toward the end of a wooden walkway, unwind in easygoing style.


A touch of Italy in the Maldives for some European culinary piazza in the most easygoing island setting conceivable, by the shore. Appreciate customary wood-let go pizzas made before your eyes and crisp antipasti under an overhang of coconut trees, on the white sands. Laid-back lunch with some innovative dishes from the kitchen giving the menu some panache.


8 meters under the sea amidst the island. A novel basement cavern of 6,000 wines with uncommon vintages and shrouded diamonds. Feasting cycle an expansive round table, the Island Chief Dinner is an exceptional experience. A fun, agreeable, intelligent adventure with a culinary boss and sommelier driving you to a stunning show of fine wines and excessive savors the experience you could call your own private world.


Chic beachside chilling with creator mixed drinks takes you right to the water's edge. Ignoring the clearing limitlessness pool, an open sided structure gets the outside with a white sand floor, blonde rattan parlor seats and swimming pool tile outline characterizing the bar. Cool, blustery allure with a bar menu for snacks as you sink again into larger than usual pads the shading of the sea.

Destination Dining

Creative, personal private dining for remarkably individual encounters that lift supper to an entire new level. Dine underneath the stars in the boudoir chic of the on-the-sand Cardamom Lounge. Appreciate an outing of gourmet pleasures. Head to the edge of the sea reef On The Rock, encompassed by glimmering blazes. Take supper into the shallows of the endlessness pool with its spectacular fiber optic lights as your feet skim the warm water, or under the sea in a submerged wine basement.